The best time of this year

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I’m very glad that I can get the valuable chance to take part in the summer camp.

I think all of us were not confident enough when we met our teachers first. So do I. I was afraid of making mistakes. So the class was a little quiet. Our teacher Laura found that and thought some ideas to help us to speak more words and louder. She told us we could ask the sentence and words which we couldn’t understand, she would explain for us again and again until we understand. And our teachers were good at encouraging us. When we did something well they always say well done.

We had a lot of good time with our teachers. When we learned about the England proverb we also taught them some China proverb. We not only taught them the meaning of the proverb but also taught them how to read it in Chinese.

We also had some outdoor activities. We played a lot of games and an interesting thing was the rules of some games were similar with some Chinese games. We all enjoyed it. And then we played basketball together. I had a good time.

In the evening we also did different things. We taught them some useful Chinese sentences, played some language game (Who is the liar), practiced our program……

Although we just spent ten days getting along with Laura George and Fabienne we just like a family. In that ten days we met each other got along with each other and enjoyed each other. We learned English culture which is really different from Chinese and we all enjoyed it. Personally I have learned a lot from me teachers. I had a really good time with them. I saw a lot of food which I had never seen, I saw the high Skyscraper the great Buckingham Palaces the beautiful Amazon Rainforest and so on. We also experienced the wonderful animation dubbing together. And the most important thing during that ten days is I got three new friends and got a really nice memory.

I had heard that if you have a friend in a strange place, the place will be vivid. When you hear the name of the place, you will feel warm and kind……

                             Class 8 Grade 2

                               Wang jiahe

2017年9月17日 22:19